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Pick ups Packing and Storing

RSD International & Caribconex offers a range of ancillary and support services to our customers as value add
to optimize your shipping experience, including: pick ups, packing and storing.
  • We provide and can coordinate daily pickup of your barrels, furniture, appliances and household items. We supply empty barrels and boxes. We pack and crate.
  • Our Commercial Support Includes: Shipment pickup locally or inland transfers from Suppliers across the USA and Canada to our Cargo Hub for consolidation and export.
  • Storing, picking and repacking of shipments for consolidation or split for multiple consignees.
  • Hazardous material handling, repacking and documentation for compliance with export regulations.

Our warehouse is geared to receive and handle various types and sizes of cargo shipments:

  • Racking for Small parcels and Pallets.
  • Storage areas designated for large volume shipments and OOG cargo.
  • Warehouse is also equipped with Reefer plugs to allow receiving and loading of Perishable cargo FCL’s.
Our warehouse receives cargo and rapidly updates our logistics systems using latest scanning technology.
  • We utilize all 50,000 square feet to store, sort, examine and process cargo.
  • Within one hour of cargo delivery at our door our customers have instant access to all relevant documentation for expedited clearance and processing.
  • Weight and measurements are assuredly accurate due to our State-of-the-Art receiving technology.
  • Packages are inspected and repacked for added security and precision.
  • Our facility is well-lit with motion sensor lighting.
  • We monitor all operations via a state-of-the art CCTV system.
  • Our DVR set-up records activity which can be reviewed as far back as 4 months to date.
  • All cameras are also motion sensitive
  • Our Operations personnel has implemented a unique management system of checks and balances that complements the technology infrastructure
  • All entry locks are pass-controlled
  • Signage is clear and visible
  • We have both manned and automated security at our entry points
  • There are several easily accessible fire extinguishers on location
  • Regular inspections are carried out on all operating equipment
  • We are proud to report an injury incidence rate of zero